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Our Koremul series are EO or PO typed non-ionic surfactants, excellent in dispersion, penetration and emulsion. As they are produced through an advanced technique, Liquid-Liquid extraction, they have relatively narrow distribution of molecular weight, much lower levels of free PEG and little coloration of the reactants.

The Koremul series are divided into several sub-groups depending on the adding mole number of ethylene oxide. The trade name consists of three parts: Koremul, chemical structure of hydrophobic group in molecule and a number representing the mole number of ethylene oxide added (or molecular weight). Polyethylene glycol, an outcome of our R&D centers efforts made for years, has various uses depending on the base material.

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Trade name Composition Structure
Kopex-PEG-Series Polyethylene Glycol more
Koremul-ME-Series Polyoxyethylene Monomethyl Ether more
Koremul-AAE-Series Polyoxyethylene Monoallyl Ether more
Koremul-BSA-Series Polyoxyethylene Bisphenol-A Ether more
Koremul-PPG-Series Polypropylene Glycol more
Kopex-PEG(A)-Series Polyethylene Glycol more
Koremul-EPR-Series EO/PO Random Copolymer more
Koremul-EPB-Series EO/PO Block Copolymer more
Koremul-CE-Series Polyoxyethylene Cetyl Ether more
Koremul-LE-Series Polyoxyethylene Lauryl Ether more
Koremul-OE-Series Polyoxyethylene Oleyl Ether more
Koremul-SE-Series Polyoxyethylene Stearyl Ether more
Koremul-TDE-Series Polyoxyethylene Tridecyl Ether more
Koremul-SLE-Series Polyoxyethylene Syn. Lauryl Ether more
Koremul-NDE-Series Polyoxyethylene Decyl Ether more
Koremul-TSP-Series Polyoxyethylene Styrenated
phenyl Ether
Koremul-OT-Series Polyoxyethylene Octyl Ether more
Koremul-GLE-Series Polyoxyethylene Glycerine Ether more
Koremul-NPB-Series Polyoxyethylene -Naphthol Ether more
Koremul-NP-Series Polyoxyethylene Nonylphenyl Ether
Koremul-OP-Series Polyoxyethylene Octylphenyl Ether more
Koremul-PH-Series Polyoxyethylene Phenyl Ether more
Koremul-LA-Series Polyoxyethylene Lauryl Ester more
Koremul-SA-Series Polyoxyethylene Stearyl Ester more
Koremul-OA-Series Polyoxyethylene Oleyl Ester more
Koremul-CFA-Series Polyoxyethylene Coconut Fatty Ester more
Koremul-CO-Series Polyoxyethylene Castor Ether more
Koremul-HCO-Series Polyoxyethylene Hydrogenated Castor
Koremul-SF-Series Sorbitan Fatty Ester more
Koremul-SFT-Series Polyoxyethylene Sorbitan Fatty Ester more
Koremul-LN-Series Polyoxyethylene Lauryl Amine more
Koremul-SN-Series Polyoxyethylene Stearyl Amine more
Koremul-ON-Series Polyoxyethylene Oleyl Amine more
Koremul-TN-Series Polyoxyethylene Tallow Amine more
Koremul-PE-Series Polyoxyethylene Polyoxypropylene
Koremul-RPB-Series Polyoxyethylene Polyoxypropylene
Butyl Ether
Koremul-LB-Series Polyoxyethylene Polyoxypropylene
Alkyl Ether
Koremul-FN-Series Polyoxyethylene Polyoxypropylene
Alkyl Ether