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Linear alkyl phosphonic acids have bifuntional structure, consisting of both hydrophobic groups and hydrophilic groups.

Alkylphosphonic acids are widely used for production of nanoparticles such as quantum dots, nano-metals, nano-ceramics.

By varying the carbohydral chain length one can change the particles shape and size.

Besides, they can be used for coating of many materials (including nanoparticles) by condensed hydrophobic monolayers.

Trade Name Chemical Name Application Packing
(CAS No. 4721-24-8)

Surfactants, Rust inhibitors(Zn, Bronze etc.), Dispersants, Flame retardants, Emulsifiers, Strippers, Additive for gear oil or extreme pressure oil or Lubricant or Nitrogen-containing siloxane polymer manufacturing process, Surface Treatment Agent. Alternatives to the Hostaphat OPS(Clariant's product).

5g, 500g, 10kg
APA-0801 n-Octylphosphonic
(CAS No. 4724-48-5)
5g, 500g, 10kg