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1. HanNong Chemicals emulsifiers have excellent emulsion stability
1. and compatibility with other additives.

2. Our emulsifiers exhibit excellent emulsifying power in small amounts.
3. They are biodegradable emulsifiers.

4. HanNong Chemicals R&D center provides services for our
4. customers, developing emulsifiers which satisfy their requirements.

Trade name Composition Application
Anionic, Nonionic Mixture Kerosene, Diesel emulsifier
Kerosene, Diesel emulsifier
Koremul-TDF-130 Nonionic Silicone oil emulsifier
5%/Raw material use
Koremul-GDO-325 Anionic, Nonionic Mixture Liquid paraffin oil emulsifier
5%/Raw material use
Koremul-119NM2 Anionic, Nonionic Mixture Machine oil emulsifier
3%/Raw material use
Koremul-EXT Anionic, Nonionic Mixture Xylene, Toluene emulsifier
5%/Raw material use
Koremul-ESF-815 Nonionic Epoxy resin emulsifier
10%/Raw material use
Koremul-NPS-86 Nonionic Solid paraffin wax emulsifier
10%/Raw material use
Koremul-PAC-110 Nonionic Polybutene emulsifier
10%/Raw material use