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Financial loans are provided to enable employees to buy or rent housing, or to support their livelihood costs.
(Gun San/Dae San factory: provides dormitory or company house).
Provision of regular health diagnosis annually and health insurance to prepare for accidents.
The language course fees and educational expenses of their children are paid for by the company.
(All expenses for middle and high school students are paid, but only 50% of costs for college students.)
The company shoulders some amount of the employees wedding cost or the familys, the 60th birthday anniversary,
various events like graduation or mourning, celebration money for offsprings entrance to kindergarten,
elementary, middle, high school, and even college, and provision of merchandise coupon for birthday celebration.
Reward is given to employees for their long-term service in the form of reward money and oversea vacation; award is
also given quarterly to the best employee; and award to the employee who made the best proposal.
Official commemoration/holiday Commemoration in the event of national holiday, company anniversary, labor day,
and intramural athletic meeting. Company Cafeteria: Provides food service in Gun San and Dae San factories.
Support for various in-house clubs for recreation: monthly support/contribution is paid. Allow the use of company
condominium.Provision of company uniforms for summer and winter use in Gun San/Dae San factories.